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This is the part I always hate--writing about myself. But for some strange reason, it always seems as if (1) people always want to know something about the author of a website or (2) the author always wants people to know something about her.

It probably has something to do with credibility. You want to know if I can be trusted, and I want you to know that I can.

And so the ubiquitous About Me page.

So how do I describe myself? It all depends on the mood I'm in at the time. I hate labels, but if I had to use them, I'd say I'm a middle-aged transgender feminist grandmother. I started my transition some 5-1/2 years ago, and have discovered that what so many people told me is true: it's a life-long process, and the hardest thing I've ever done. But still...

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I'm also a former professional videographer, photographer, and instructor. At one time I taught elementary web skills to other grandparents who wanted to know what it was all about.

I'm a writer and a dreamer, and one of the reasons for this web project is that it helps me keep my sanity.


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